Q: How to change the background image of my flash book?

A: To change the background image of the flash book, you can set option"Background Config->Background->background file".

PDF to FlashBook is your easy way to convert PDFs to an increadible flash book. We porvide number of templates for you to adjust the book looking as you want, include cool images, of course.But if you don't like the defult image of the background, or want to use your own or your company's logo as background, you can easily change it.Just like the following steps.

Step 1: Find “background file” under “Background Config” then click “…”.

Step2: Choose an image from your computer and open it. Then click “Apply Change”.

Step3: Now you have changed background image. If you don’t think this one is what you want, just repeat the steps above until you are pleased.

Easy, isn’t it?



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