How do you publish output Flash Book files online?

  • There are three options for you to output your customized Flash eBook: HTML, ZIP and EXE. Among the three output options in Flash Book creator software, HTML is for sharing online. So after outputting flash book in "*.html" type, you will get a HTML file, a SWF file and a "files" folder in output directory. You need to upload all of these files and folder online to make the eBook available for people.

    FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a common way you can use to upload files online if you own a website, no matter upload through a browser or just use a upload program like FileZilla. (More details about uploading files through FTP)

    Some blog websites allow you to upload files including folders too, there are even backup and share website to help publish files online, such as Dropbox, FileUPYOURS, UltraShare, etc. (Get detail instructions about sharing files with using Dropbox)

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