Q: How to make a multi-level bookmark with the flip book maker?

A: Read the following direction and you will find it's very easy to do.

The bookmark function brings much convenience to our users. And today I want to know that if it is possible to create a multi-level bookmark when I make a flip book? It means to add child tab for some titles. I can work out a clear structure by this way.

As you know, you can set up bookmark for flip book with the PDF to FlashBook Lite. And today I would like to tell you how to create a multi-level bookmark easily. You can reference to the below tips to get some help.

Step1: click Tabel Content tab in the left panel.

Step2: click the Add button to add a bookmark at first.

Step3: choose the bookmark you have created, click Add Child button to add a child bookmark. You must make sure that you have chosen a parent-bookmark for the child-bookmark. If not, the Add Child button won’t be available.



*Please be aware that you have to click “Apply Changes” to apply any changes to the flash book.

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